Trust Revitalise to make your vinyl and furniture brand new again. No vinyl repair project too big – none too small.

Vinyl repair can bring life back to your vinyl. Vinyl is also known as plasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) which is used in a variety of Vinyl repair and restorationproducts. Most commonly used in household furniture such as lounge suites, dining chairs, stools, and water beds, in cars as dashboards, door trims, seating, and steering wheels, in boats, office furniture and wheel chairs, the list goes on

We use a welding method to repair the damaged spot of the vinyl. The product we use is a specific welding compound that is very strong, flexible and durable and makes the repair invisible once completed.

Your vinyl will be repaired good as new.  There are certain circumstances where the damaged spot would be best fixed by getting it re-upholstered, like really high stress points (ie: on the stitching line).

The services we provide for Vinyl are:

  • Vinyl Repair
  • Vinyl Re-colouring
  • Conditioning
  • Vinyl Welding
  • Removal of stains

Our photo gallery demonstrates some examples of before and after shots of the repairs we have completed in the past. This will help visualise what type of repairs can be done.

Bring your vinyl back to life.  Any questions you may have regarding our repairs to vinyl, we may have addressed them for you in our frequently asked questions (FAQ’s). If you need further clarification please contact us.

We are more than happy to assess the damage, so please contact us and we will organise a quote for you.