Let us bring your velour / fabric back to life!

Will you see the repair?

Mostly it will depend on the material we are working with. If the material has a particularly complex pattern, it will be more difficult to replicate. Typically 95% of the repairs we do, we are able to hide the repair – make invisible.

Can you match the colour exactly?

Most colours can be matched almost perfectly, but there will be certain flecking and patterns that will be harder.

Will the fibers come off?

The fibers are specifically designed for velour/cloth repairs.

How long does the repair last for and is it strong?

This can be dependant on the condition of the original material, however the repair is extremely durable, flexible and strong and it will last if looked after.

How long until the product can be used after being repaired?

Once the repair has been completed, best to leave it for 24 hours before sitting on it.

Is it expensive to do?

This process can be a lot cheaper then re-upholstering and definitely the replacement cost. It does really depend on the size and seriousness of the repair.