Electric and Manual Recliners and Lift Chairs

Revitalise Repairs specialises in repairing electric and manual recliners and lift chair recliners, as well as sofa bed mechanisms.  We are also known as the Electric Recliner Mechanic – see also  www.electricreclinermechanic.com.au.

We specialise in the following repairs:

Manual Recliners

  • Triggers/Cables
  •  Bent/Broken Mechanisms
  • Springs
  • Adjustments
  • Sofa Bed Actions

When replacing the ‘trigger & cable’ set (or handle & cable) for you in your manually operated recliner, we will also perform what we call a ‘mini’ service on the metal mechanism underneath.  This involves lubricating all the moving joints, checking all the mounting points, doing any tightening that is required & give a general clean and assessment of the mechanism.

Also, because the manufacturer does not offer their normal 12 month warranty for the ‘trigger & cable’ set, we will give you 12 months warranty on the entire cable and handle if the part fails after we have installed it for you.  Which means we will come back out and supply and fit a new one, at no extra cost to you.

Electric Recliners                  

  • Electric Motors (single & duel)
  • Transformers / Power Supplies
  • Switches/Adaptors/Leads
  • Remote Controls (for Lift Chairs)
  • Bent/Broken Mechanisms

We also service the electric recliner mechanism and all the components/accessories.

Here’s what you get with our 7pt Maintenance Service:

  • We inspect the operation of your recliner, including the footrest ‘scissor arm’ action.
  • Inspection and examination of electric motor/actuator, transformer, remote control/switch, plus all cables and leads.
  • We’ll lubricate all moving joints of the mechanism, as well as clean and grease the motor/actuator.
  • Check the mounting points of the mechanism to the timber frame, plus do any tightening that is required.
  • We replace the batteries in transformers that have a battery ‘back-up’ system.
  • We’ll align and reorganise the adaptors to avoid damage.
  • Plus, you get a general clean and assessment of the metal mechanism.

This service will improve the day to day performance of the mechanism, help to eliminate clunking noises, as well as promote longevity.

So call (02) 9625 3538 to book in your recliner repair and/or service today, or go to the contact page.