Do YOU Remember the Smell of Your New Leather Lounge or the Smell of the Leather Upholstery When You Opened the Car Door!

Did you know you can Revitalise your leather Lounge or Car Interior?
Bring it back to how it was with a Clean & Treatment Service that will guarantee to extend the life of your purchase.

Are you sick and tired of forever cleaning your leather? Do you find it never quite smells or feels like it did when you first bought it?

Have you given your leather lounge suite or car interior ‘the quick once over’ and felt like it wasn’t even done? Are you scared that your leather will age prematurely or even start to get those ugly cracks on the surface?

If you’ve answered yes, then this genuine offer is right up your alley. You’ll discover how to get your leather professionally cleaned and treated restoring that original feel & fresh smell knowing that you will save over a ¼ off our already competitive prices.

Don’t be misinformed

There are a lot of people who claim they are professional leather upholstery cleaners but their main business are carpet cleaning and fabric upholstery cleaning, not leather upholstery cleaning.

Cleaning carpets and fabric surfaces is a completely different process and requires its own specific chemicals & technique next to cleaning leather. For this reason, and including the fact we professionally repair leather is why we have chosen to specialise in the field of leather upholstery cleaning.

Get it done RIGHT – eliminate dirt and grime from the surface and out of the grain!

Revitalise clean and treatment service uses only the highest quality chemicals for a thorough clean and treatment.

Call NOW: 9625 3538 and speak to Scott or visit the contact page & quote “Website Cleaning Promotion

Our experienced technicians understand the measures required to successfully eliminate built up dirt within the grain of the leather.

This process is entirely manual labour and all chemicals are gentle to the leather. Large machinery and strong or abrasive chemicals are harmful to the leather surface and should not be used.

Unfortunately, Not Suitable For All Leathers!

This service is not recommended for nubuck/suede or aniline leathers. These finishes require specific cleaners due to their delicate nature.

Call Us separately on 9625 3538 or visit the contact page for any Nubuck/Suede or Aniline Cleaning & Protection requirements.

Okay, so what is the cost to prolong the life of your leather?

You book in a service online and Revitalise is going to give to you a 10% discount off the ‘normal’ rate (See our rate chart below).

Why am I offering this? To put it bluntly, this will save you TIME and MONEY. I want to help maintain your leather surface, and to keep doing business with you on a continual basis. That way we’ll both prosper.

Benefit From Further Discounts!

By taking advantage of this special offer, we will make sure you become a member of our Loyalty Program entitling you to further discounts with this service.

Now Is The Time To Act Before It Is Too Late!

So hurry and act now to book in your 1st Clean and Treatment. You will want to book in your service to receive the special 10% discount and immediately join our Loyalty Program to get further discounts on a continual basis.

YOU need more information?  Speak to Scott to book in and find out more about our loyalty program – don’t forget to quote “Website Cleaning Promotion”.

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P.S. Remember 10% off these fees if you book via the website.

Leather Lounge Suite Combination Combination Normal Rate 10% Discount
2 Seater $242.00 $217.80
3 Seater $264.00 $237.60
4 Seater $352.00 $316.80
5 Seater $440.00 $396.00
6 Seater $528.00 $475.20
7 Seater $616.00 $554.40
8 Seater $704.00 $633.60
Leather Car Interior Combination Normal Rate 10% Discount
5 Seater $275.00 $247.50
7 Seater $363.00 $326.70


P.S.S. Take this fantastic offer NOW to get long term care and maintenance for your leather lounge or car interior at a reduced cost.

So, make an appointment today and you will receive a 10% discount.

CALL NOW – 02 9625 3538 or go to the contact page & quote “Website Cleaning Promotion”