FAQ – Cleaning Products

(Leather Cleaner, Conditioner, Vinyl Conditioner, Cleaning applicators)

Does the Leather cleaner remove stains?

The leather cleaner has been known to remove scuff marks (when rubbed up against a wall), recently spilt wine and definitely removes general oils and dirt that build up in the leather over time.

Why does the leather cleaning come in a two part process instead of an all in one product?

When you use a cleaning agent specifically leather cleaner, a lot of the natural oils are removed from the surface of the leather. You need to replace all the necessary oils back into the leather to prevent unnecessary cracking, hardening residue buildup. We believe an all in product does not provide the essential oils to replace back into the hide.

Can the Vinyl conditioner be used on rubber?

The Vinyl conditioner can definitely by used on rubber, it is specifically formulated to allow this.

What vinyl products can the Vinyl conditioner be used on?

The Vinyl conditioner can be used on lounge suites, dinning chairs, car seats, car interior, office chairs, hood linings, anywhere there is a vinyl surface.

Can the Micorfibre cloth be used for other household items?

The Microfibre cloth can be used on all household items, whether it is for applying, cleaning, buffing or polishing.