Welcome to Revitalise Repair Services

We operate as one of the largest Recliner Repair Companies in Australia, and we are also known as the Electric Recliner Mechanic – also found on www.electricreclinermechanic.com.au.

We specialise in repairing electric, manual and lift chair recliners, as well as sofa bed mechanisms.  We also perform a professional clean & treatment service for the leather surfaces on your leather recliner, leather lounge suite, or leather car interior.

Can You Bear to Have Your Recliner Not Working?

During our extended time in the Furniture Industry, we have helped many desperate and anxious recliner owners get their recliners working for them again.

How long can you hold out before you get distressed, even hysterical?

There are many differing issues that could be causing your recliner to not open.  Or possibly, the chair rocks and sways significantly, to the point you think it may fall over and throw you out.

We carry with us as many possible parts as we can to have you up and running again on the day we attend.  That way, you get to experience the joy of having your recliner working again, immediately.

Have your Leather Lounge or Leather Recliner Clean Again

We became leather experts during our early days of leather surface repairs.  We can perform a clean & treatment service to your entire leather lounge suite (or even just your recliner).

Our treatment process consists of first using a leather cleaner which removes damaging oils that have built up within the leather.  This will also clean the surface, giving a visual lift as well.  Then we apply a leather conditioner to replace the essential oils, to keep the leather soft & supple, plus help prevent premature cracking.  Lastly, we work in a leather protector.  This will leave a thin, translucent film that makes it easier to wipe up spills and helps hold them to the surface a little longer to be able to avoid staining – it has to be said, though, that this clean & treatment service will not repair damages or remove staining.

Areas We Cover in NSW

  • Sydney Metropolitan
  • Newcastle
  • Central Coast
  • Wollongong
  • Blue Mountains

The Clientele We Service Include:

  • Domestic Industry – Electric, Manual & Lift Chair Recliners, Sofa Beds, Leather Furniture, Car Interiors.
  • Furniture Industry – Importers, Manufacturers, Retailers, Upholsterers.
  • Professional Cleaning Service Industry
  • Aged Care Facilities
  • Retirement Homes