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 Welcome to Revitalise Repair Services

Does the leather on your sofa or car seats look tired? Are you sick of that cigarette burn that so & so accidentally did, two months after you bought your new sofa?

Would you like to see that hole, tear, scuff mark, discolouration, peeling top coat on your lounge simply gone? How about getting rid of those nasty marks and damages the kids and pets have left behind?

We have 2 children and we know what it’s like, it’s all just everyday wear and tear. How about the car seats? Needing some attention? Sometimes the seat belt strap has done some damage or buckles from bags and clothing have scratched the surface. Maybe there is an old cigarette burn or two you would like to disappear.

Don’t throw it out; repair it for less than ¼ the replacement cost, you will be surprised how much you will save. Revitalise has developed some revolutionary techniques having spent years repairing lounges and car interiors just like yours.

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This Repair Technique Totally Benefits You

You will experience by getting your furniture or car interior repaired with this technique.

  • Not going without your furniture or car;
  • Not needing to remove anything, we come to you;
  • The appearance of your furniture or car interior will look & feel like new again;
  • Only paying a 1/4 of the replacement cost;
  • Increasing the lifespan of your lounge and/or car seats;
  • Stopping the damage from getting any worse

Money Back Guarantee:

I am 100% certain you will be satisfied with the end result, however, if it does not meet industry standards, even after all efforts have been made, I will happily refund your money for the cost of repairs that is specific to your concern within 4 months of the repair being completed.
That’s right – no hassles and no quibbles – you get ALL your money back! I think that’s extremely fair. That way you can try out this phenomenal service completely at our risk.
Book your Assessment today or you can call Melinda on 9625 3538

Areas We Cover in NSW:

  • Sydney Metropolitan
  • Newcastle
  • Central Coast
  • Wollongong
  • Blue Mountains

The Clientele We Service Include:

  • Domestic Industry – Furniture, car interiors, boats, leather jackets, leather hand bags
  • Furniture Industry – Importers, Manufacturers, Retailers, upholsterers, Corporate, Hotels
  • Professional Cleaning Service Industry
  • Aged Care Facilities
  • Retirement Homes

P.S. This is a fantastic opportunity to act NOW, get to the damage before it gets any worse and have it looking, feeling and smelling like new again.